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The personal site of Kellen Evan Person

Mugwump. Writer. Coderman.

A Canadian-born Internet native, Kellen Evan Person - also known as Goodroot - has been contributing to online projects prior to becoming a teenager. Now, fully grown with near two decades of experience, he is as wise as he is hairy.

He first participated in a ‘co-creatorship’ at the age of 12, which was far too young to have done a very good job. Since then, he has engaged in a deluge of upstart tech adventures and expansive intellectual pursuits while exploring mysterious and transformative plant medicines.

He’s worked with notable institutions like IBM and the University of British Columbia and has joined forces with a mittful of Y-Combinator and Canadian startups. Should you ever want a polite and, erhm, unique perspective, his door is always open. At the moment, Goodroot is writing within his personal blog - this one - and working with fresh start-up building the world’s first Application Delivery Network.