A collection of electronic soundscapes

Also known as The Grayfox Collection

Inspirations: Dan Deacon, Flying Lotus, Múm, Kanye West, Aphex Twin, Animal Collective, the birds, Hong Ting, Nobuo Eumatsu, Teebs, Pogo.

Recorded from 2013.

Headphones recommended!

1. Restart

2. Quiet

3. Fell

Sample: Hong Ting - A Fisherman’s Song at Dusk

4. Ruined

Sample: Beautiful Chorus - Hymns of Spirit

5. Mako

Sample: Masashi Hamauzu - Jessie’s Theme, FVII Remake

6. Fly

Sample: Benjamin Britten - Friday Afternoons (Cuckoo)

7. Weightless

Sample: Petal - Raveena

8. Birth

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