A collection of electronic soundscapes

Also known as The Grayfox Collection

Inspirations: Dan Deacon, Flying Lotus, Múm, Kanye West, Aphex Twin, Animal Collective, the birds, Hong Ting, Nobuo Eumatsu, Teebs, Pogo.

Recorded between 2013 and 2021.

Headphones recommended!

1. Fell

Sample: Hong Ting - A Fisherman’s Song at Dusk

2. Restart

3. Mako

Sample: Masashi Hamauzu - Jessie’s Theme, FVII Remake

4. Homecoming

5. Fly

Sample: Benjamin Britten - Friday Afternoons (Cuckoo)

6. Weightless

Sample: Petal - Raveena

7. Ruined

Sample: Beautiful Chorus - Hymns of Spirit

8. Lightmare

9. Poland

Sample: The Devil Next Door - Netflix, EP:4

10. Cry

11. Quiet

12. Birth

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