Kellen Evan


Categories: Writing

Remember that consuming can make a person more knowledgable and that there is value in knowledge. But there can be no positive change until you create, either through potent actions in the image of these consumed ideas or through new images you make that encourage the actions of others.

If one set of eyes reads something or hears something that then inspires the reduction of suffering on this planet, then an act of service is complete. These expressions are how one can deliver intention, the seeds - through the desire for love to grow - that one day bloom into a productive perspective with hope, courage and determination.

Distraction is fear. Recognize it in you, feel it, spend a moment with it, thank it and then choose the other path: do - create, engage and help. When you consume, put your intention into love and be with yourself as you do. Otherwise put your intention into love, and do.

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